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Your Primary Factor To QNUPS Providers Positive Results
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Your Primary Factor To QNUPS Providers Positive Results

Date Added: July 20, 2013 09:01:31 AM
Author: Alvaro Monk
Category: Business & Economy: Services: Financial
QNUPS or Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes have been recently brought out by the HMRC and offer individuals with a number of advantages, including substantial tax benefits. An international pension can be invested in by anyone who is a UK resident or any British domiciled person currently living outside Britain. You may transfer virtually everything with a QNUPS assets transfer. Discover considerably more from the consultants with regards to UK inheritance and QNUPS Providers (Have A Peek At These Guys), or even UK Capital Gains Tax on-line. Your Primary Factor To QNUPS Providers Positive Results QNUPS Advantages- Retirement Planning The QNUPS advantages described below are in most cases applied. However, due to the complex nature of every individual instance it is recommended that you seek advice from your financial adviser. • Transferring to a QNUPS is an excellent choice for expatriates in search of tax relief on their estate • There is no upper restriction as to what may be invested in a QNUPS • No maximum age limit for investments • Invest assets into a jurisdiction with a friendlier tax environment • Investments are not required to be generated from earned income • Growth is generally free from CGT (Capital Gains Tax) which means the capital growth of your investments can be left in full to your named beneficiaries QNUPS Transfer: Tax Savings QNUPS was launched in February 2010 by the UK authorities by a set of rules that stated that selected overseas pension funds would not be subject to the UK’s Inheritance Tax. By investing in a QNUPS the individual can protect his/her assets in an international pension scheme. QNUPS offers a legitimate means of reducing your inheritance tax bill. A British expatriate who stays UK-domiciled is subject to UK Inheritance Tax (IHT) on their overseas estate at a rate of 40%. The primary benefit of QNUPS is that they offer tax relief and are also UK IHT exempt. QNUPS Overseas Countries Another QNUPS benefit is that it does not only have to be placed in countries with a Double Taxation Treaty with the United Kingdom. This is very useful as there are two significant issues. First, as it need not be located in a jurisdiction with a DTA, there are no reporting obligations. This means that a QNUPS does not have to be reported to HMRC. Second, QNUPS can be located in many different countries thereby giving you greater options on where to invest. QNUPS Opportunities Investments to a QNUPS needn't only be made from income earned but from assets acquired by you in any way. It is not necessary to liquidate assets when investing in a QNUPS. Residential property, antiques and even fine vintage wines are accepted. Due to its flexibility and tax efficient aspects, a QNUPS is advisable for individuals wanting to transfer their British pensions and assets offshore where they can grow and generate increases that won't be lost by way of hefty taxes.
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